90% of our clients are either technology or industrial B2B companies.
With 20 years of experience we can list the three most common marketing problems:

Selling with features.

Can't see the wood for the trees, or don't know what the real strengths of the product are or why customers buy it. Sales are done with features as the primary key and the customer's concerns and goals are not addressed.

Ways of communication.

Things are done now just the same way as they have always been done before. There must be brochures, but "social media doesn't matter to us." Marketing does not speak the same language as sales. There is no recognition of customers switching to other communication channels and ways to seek for solutions.

Lack of courage.

The product is being improved, but the customers' needs and value are not taken into account on a larger scale or there is a lack of boldness to challenge the established ways of doing things. The service and customer experience around the core product is overlooked.

The first thing you need is courage.
Courage to seize opportunities and let the cat out of the bag.


Roast for the bold


Before the Workshop: We’ll investigate what your public marketing channels make you look like. We’ll also send you a survey to learn how you approach your customers directly.

In the workshop: We will roast you with humour, but with serious points. We address the tactical, visual, content, and technical flaws we find and how we could resolve them.

After the Workshop: Bermuda will summarize the final results of the workshop and recommend concrete actions for the future.


The sales toolkit


Before the Workshop: We will send you a survey on how your sales people view and experience their customers, what kind of argumentation is being used, and what are your biggest communicational challenges.

In the workshop: Together we will find out what new sales approaches you could test for your target audiences. The subject may be for example leads from online marketing and utilizing them through automated messaging at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

After the Workshop: Bermuda will summarize the final results of the workshop and recommend concrete actions for the future.


From product sales to service modeling

One of the most common challenges for our clients is how to get a better premium for their work and products. How to avoid bloody price competition and how to engage customers. Many manufacturing companies have opted for either a service strategy or building strong product brands. The first is more typically a B2B business solution.

We will tailor a service model design project based on your starting points – What is your product lifecycle, customer care model, and how your brand and service experience could be built on it.

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