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Hi there, entrepreneur! Let Bermuda bring you to the next level!

In the world of startups getting attention can be either easy or hard. We believe that your idea will pop out, if you tell it right.

People need to be affected by your story to bring it alive - they must discover the meaning of your message.

Here’s what we can do

There are endless ways of telling a story. We are familiar with all the stages of an organisation’s life cycle, but we are here to provide you exactly what you need.

Crystallize your story and brand

We will sharpen your business philosophy and make it part of the everyday life of people. We’ll define the main motivators of your target group and visualize your idea with logo creation and examples of applying your brand.

A flying start

We turn your idea into a story and provide the means to tell it with business cards, presentation materials and customized documents.

From light sparring to turnkey deals

Just tell us what you need. We do websites, videos, investor materials, prints, blogs, SEM services and much more. Tell us your goals, and we’ll help you there.

An example of success

Wirepas is a model example of successful cooperation. Their revolutionary connectivity protocol has enchanted big-name customers and investors all around the world.

Together we defined their brand and updated their look based on very familiar nature analogy. We also made the story known by the needed means in the needed channels.

You can find out more about our cooperation:

Wirepas lunastaa lupauksia

You need a storyteller

Our job is to figure out and clarify the meanings, not just to sugar-coat messages. If you want your idea to revolutionize your clients’ everyday life, the industry or the whole world, don’t let it remain just an idea.

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