The Bermuda philosophy

The first things to pop into mind about Bermuda would usually be the Bermuda triangle with its mythical reputation and the Bermuda shorts. What do they have to do with our operation?

The triangle of stories

Our way of operating is depicted by a triangle with marketing, sales and service at its points. None of the three can flourish on their own. Marketing is wasted breath unless it converts into sales. If the service isn’t up to speed, it’s no use trying to sell it. And good service is the best marketing. All these three should tell the same story. And that story is the idea or meaning behind your company – the reason it exists.

A good story is emotionally engaging, surprising and memorable. Statistically speaking, there are no more accidents and disappearings in the Bermuda triangle area than anywhere else, taking the size and activity of the area into account. But the reputation sticks. Why? It has a differentiating factor, a story. Unexpected disappearances are emotionally engaging and their inexplicable nature is memorable. 

Our mission is to find your story. And make your actions tell that story with a consistent language. That will make you stand out and convince.

But what about the shorts?

The Bermuda shorts were not invented for beach use. They are a business garment, developed for tropics to offer a more comfortable and cool but still acceptable alternative to a suit. 

This describes our spirit as well. We have people working here – creating solutions for interactions between people. We are in favor of direct, informal solutions instead of sweating for formality’s sake. We don’t show off with business jargon and try to convince you by blowing hot air. We let our expertise do the talking. And treat you with respect. For us, neither the customer nor their customer is a faceless entity. We respect the courage and dare to challenge. Sometimes you’ll have to cut some trouser legs to reveal your true self.

Relaxed but firm

The above principles, among all the others, are aiming to relaxed, easy collaboration between all the parties. But the quality is something we will not compromise.