Bermuda Strategy – B2B, technology, internationalization, startups

Bermuda Operation – digital know-how, demanding video productions, technical website development

The phase of your company and brand life cycle defines the kind of marketing partner your company needs. In times of change we are your partner on strategic level brand and channel design. Once your identity is clear, we offer quality execution for multi-channel marketing and communications.

Marketing is a part of business strategy and sales. Understanding the customer needs is our core expertise.

Our customers

Many companies from all across Finland have already polished up their messages, grown and headed to international waters with Bermuda's support. We serve the big and small companies alike.

A few words for startups and B2B-oriented companies

There are a few areas in which we are confident to say we are among the strongest in the country. Check out:

  1. Startup company needs a story

    We believe your business idea stands out only, if you can tell about it in a distinctive way.

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  2. Are we here to eliminate the B2B salesman?

    Not at all! We're here to serve sales.

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Meaning is not created, it is discovered. Our job is to find your story and translate it into a consistent language that acts it out. That way you'll stand out and convince.